Where to Volunteer?

One of the first questions you'll ask yourself when you're deciding to volunteer abroad is where to volunteer.

There are so many options – you can volunteer abroad in almost every country. From volunteering teaching English in Cambodia right through to providing care for dogs in India, there are almost unlimited possibilities.

You can browse through our Generous Nomads to see where other people have volunteered and read their personal accounts for inspiration.

Once you’ve decided where you want to volunteer, then you can see what options are available. If you have certain skills like medical training, teaching experience or even building experience then it makes sense to use these skills to really offer a lot of value to the organization you choose. However, some organizations just need a helping hand – whether it is to walk the dogs, play with some parentless children or to help prepare meals.

There are a number of websites that list volunteer opportunities that are available at a low cost, generally in exchange for paying for your own expenses to be there. Some organizations charge a small admin fee, which often goes into the day-to-day running of the organization and setting you up as a volunteer.