Volunteering in India

Today we have Ray Calver talking about his experience volunteering in India with adorable puppies and dogs in India a few years ago. I think animals are often overlooked by people, but they can be extremely rewarding to work with, especially in countries where there is a lot of poverty so they are often poorly cared for, if at all. 

Volunteering in India

1. Where did you volunteer? 
Animal Aid Unlimited, Udaipur, India 2008


2. Why did you choose this organization / how did you hear about it?
I talked to a Swedish woman on a bicycle outside the guesthouse in Udaipur and she told me that she was volunteering there.


3. How long did you spend there and how much did it cost to volunteer there?
I volunteered for 3 weeks and it was free. I do not believe you should ever have to pay to volunteer. I think it’s reasonable to expect people to pay for accommodation, food etc, but paying to volunteer seems like an oxymoron to me!

I have always found it’s possible to find free volunteer work if you just arrive and look. The internet provides lots of volunteering experiences, but almost all of them want you to pay money.

Volunteering in India


4. What did you learn from your experience?
That animals deserve love and caring, and thrive on positive human attention. I also got to make new friends and network with the lovely Americans who set it up initially.


5. What was a typical day like?
Ride a bicycle to work then walk dogs, play with puppies and talk to other volunteers. On average I would walk 10 dogs per day and pat/play with numerous puppies. I also helped with some rehabilitation work with paralyzed dogs. Lunchtime was spent lying in the fields and eating homemade Indian food. 

Volunteering in India

6. Do you think you will volunteer again?
I went back there briefly in 2011 and would definitely return to volunteer.


7. Would you recommend this to anyone else?
Absolutely! It was a fantastic place to volunteer.



8. Can you share a favourite memory from your time there?
When it was one volunteers birthday we all dressed up in traditional Indian clothes and had a home cooked meal together.

If you're interested in volunteering in India with puppies, feel free to check out Animal Aid Unlimited's site for more information on how you can help. 

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