Our Generous Nomads

We will update this page with our list of Generous Nomads as they guest post about various locations around the world.

Generous Nomads in Cambodia:

Izy Berry of The Wrong Way Home Volunteered with children in Cambodia
Tammy of TammyOnTheMove volunteered in Cambodia with Youth Star Cambodia
Sarah Harris volunteered in Cambodia with New Futures Organisation 

Generous Nomads in Costa Rica: 
Charli of Wanderlusters – volunteered with animals in Costa Rica 

Generous Nomads in India: 

Ray Calver volunteered with puppies in India through Animal Aid Unlimited

Generous Nomads in Nepal:
Sophie Moore volunteered with children in Nepal with the Global Volunteer Project

Generous Nomads in the Philippines: 
Graysa from Graysa.com volunteered in the Philippines helping with social media and IT

Generous Nomads in Thailand:
Diana from D Travels 'Round volunteered with elephants with Save Elephant Foundation