Benefits of International Volunteering


Volunteering is easier said than done. When you want to volunteer, it takes courage, dedication and responsibility. Doing this kind of work is done by those people who want to contribute in this world even through simple acts. Maybe you are asking yourself, “What's the benefit of international volunteering, when I can do it in the comfort of my own country?” Well, here are some of the benefits of becoming an international volunteer. 

1. It can help build up your resume.

Having to put volunteerism on your CV is something that can make it stand out among the others. This can help the company identify you as one of those applicants that is willing to work outside his/her own comfort zone – a person that can take risks, patient and committed.  Companies most likely will choose an applicant with volunteerism experience.


2. See changes within yourself

International volunteering can help you become more confident, more reliable and more responsible. This experience can make you do things you never expect that you could have done – ever! Your self-esteem, the way you talk or handle people/animals will change because of all the experiences, emotions and hard work that you have felt in this journey. When you came back after volunteering you will the feel that you are changed person without you even realizing it – and mostly you change for the better.

3. Knowledge Improvement and Work Experience

Volunteering can help you gain more knowledge because you cannot just simply learn a foreign language without going to school or having a private tutor. You can’t just clean an elepahant without knowing the proper ways to do so. All of the things that you might do when doing international volunteering will help you enrich your mind with amazing work experience that you cannot experience at home – the fact that learning these amazing things are for free makes it even better!


4. Making New Friends

When you volunteer overseas you will meet new people and make new friends. Since you are in a foreign country and usually you are alone, you need someone that you can rely on – someone that will listen to you and in turn you will do the same. You will meet people that are from a different country and culture, but in the end you will all share this amazing bond because of your incredible experience with international volunteering together. 


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One response to “Benefits of International Volunteering”

  1. Franca says:

    Having volunteered twice so far while traveling, it has been an amzing experience that I recommend to anyone. I helped out in 2 different dog shelters in Thailand and made me so happy knowing I was useful, able to help and spending time with those amazing dogs. I loved it and I'm ready to do it again! :)