About Generous Nomads

Generous Nomads is all about mixing together volunteering and travel – there's nothing better than exploring a new country and giving back to the locals while you are there.

Many volunteering programs are run like businesses: they are expensive and only a small fraction of the program costs actually go to the organization. Generous Nomads wants to give you tips and suggestions of where to find legitimate volunteering programs that are designed to give help where it is really needed.

When I was first looking into volunteering overseas, I wanted to volunteer with turtles in Costa Rica. I was disappointed to find that the majority of volunteering programs cost thousands of dollars a week; more than I'd spend if I was flashpacking around Central America.

At Generous Nomads we believe that you should cover the costs of your own expenses while volunteering, such as food and accommodation, but that you shouldn't have to pay outrageous fees to donate your time. We believe that the organizations that really need your help, wont expect you to pay them for that privilege.

We want to showcase a number of great volunteering opportunities around the world, to inspire, motivate and encourage you to help out wherever you can. Volunteering can be one of the best travel experiences, because you get a unique insight into the local culture while helping to make a difference.

If you have a great volunteering experience you would like to contribute, we encourage you to write for Generous Nomads.